Top 5 Most Affordable Knives of 2024 South Africa




Looking for an affordable knife that does not break the bank but still offers great value for money?

Well then you are in the right place!

Here are 5 of my favorite knives that deliver exceptional value without compromising functionality.

1. Material and blade.

2. Weight and handle.

3. Design and affordability.

A common misconception about kitchen knives is that for a knife to be high-quality and durable, it must be exorbitantly priced. However, the truth is that knives crafted with superior materials and thoughtful design can be both affordable and effective, which is why I lean towards products that showcase excellent craftsmanship using high-quality materials, without relying on excessive pricing or cheap, inferior components.

I also give extra points to knives that excel in the following areas: optimizing material and blade quality, maintaining a lightweight yet durable design, and offering versatility and affordability. I believe focusing on these key aspects is crucial for selecting a knife that not only meets a wide range of culinary needs but also offers great value for money. Here’s why:

Material and Blade: Have you ever purchased a knife only to find it dulls after a few uses, regardless of how meticulously you care for it? With inferior materials, no matter how often you sharpen or how carefully you store your knife, its performance may deteriorate. This can lead to frustration and ultimately, the need for a replacement .

Weight: Ever felt wrist fatigue or discomfort after chopping for a short period? A knife’s weight plays a significant role in its ease of use and control. Too heavy, and it becomes cumbersome for detailed tasks; too light, and it might not handle tougher cuts effectively. Finding that perfect balance is key .

Versatility and Affordability: In a kitchen, space and budget are often at a premium. Why clutter your drawers with a multitude of specialized tools when a few versatile knives can perform a wide range of tasks? A knife that offers multipurpose functionality without compromising on quality or breaking the bank is essential for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike.

Before we delve into the top 5 most affordable knives in South Africa for 2024, remember that while I may have achieved excellent results with a particular knife, your experience may vary. That’s why I consider customer feedback and reviews in my assessment. Keep in mind that not every knife is suited to every individual, but with an open mind and willingness to explore, you might discover the perfect knife for your culinary adventures.

As with any kitchen tool, ensure you use it as intended, check for any material sensitivities you might have, and discontinue use if any issues arise.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 picks for affordable yet high-quality knives in South Africa for 2024:

1. BraaiPlank Butcher’s Knife

R799 or R1048 with a sheath, making it an investment in quality that won’t break the bank.

✅ Full tang construction
✅ Hand forged from high-quality materials
✅ Versatile
✅ Affordable with a guarantee and can be purchased with an option sheath
✅Trusted brand name in the braai industry of South Africa
✅Comes with a product warranty and 30 day retunr policy

❌ High demand and sells out fast
❌ Only available online

I first learned about the BraaiPlank Butcher Knife from a Facebook ad and I just had to have it.

BUILD AND QUALITY. The BraaiPlank Butcher Knife is hand-forged from carbon steel and features a full tang construction, where the metal of the blade extends through the handle, enhancing its durability, balance, and control. This design ensures a lifetime of reliable use, making it a cornerstone of culinary preparation.

The full tang design is then finished with a Pakka wood handle that provides comfort and safety, ensuring a secure grip and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Despite the high-end features, the BraaiPlank Butcher’s Knife is affordably priced and comes with a guarantee.

GUARANTEE. The BraaiPlank Butcher’s Knife comes with a 6-month guarantee. Meaning if your knife breaks or is defective, we will gladly replace it or refund you in full.

The knife also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you have purchased the knife and you do not like it, you can contact the BraaiPlank customer support team for a return to get a full refund.

2. Victorinox Fibrox Chinese Chef’s Cleaver


✅ Versatile
✅ High-quality material
✅ Comes with a warranty

❌ High demand and sells out fast
❌ Only available online

Victorinox is a well-known brand in many South African households but is also known not to be come cheap.

BUILD AND QUALITY. The Victorinox Chinese Chef’s Cleaver is meticulously crafted from X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel finished with a Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) handle that  features excellent non-slip properties and can be sterilized up to 150 degrees Celsius, which makes them ideal for use in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, catering companies and hospitals.

The knife is lightweight making it a versatile kitchen cleaver for preparing meat, fish, and vegetables of any size. I would probably try and avoid using it on heavy-duty bones as the blade and handle might not last that long.

GUARANTEE. The knife can be purchased from Takealot and comes with a standard limited 6-month warranty with certain exclusions, that are not very clear. It also comes with a hassle-free exchange and returns of 30 days, but please read the fine print.

Overall the knife is a great choice if you have a few extra bucks to spend. The only downside I have was the price, that it does not come with a protective sheath and a plastic handle.

3. Baccarat ID3 Cleaver


✅ Light Weight contruction
✅ Forged steel with one-piece seamless handle
✅ Afforable

❌ Lack of product reviews
❌ Product gaurantee

Overall the Baccarat ID3 Cleaver ticks all the right boxes in terms of design, price, and durability. The only downfall is the lack of reviews and not knowing if the knife comes with an after-use guarantee.

BUILD AND QUALITY. I could not find much info on the Baccarat ID3 Cleaver and the product does not have much customer feedback either. The asymmetrical handle design of the Baccarat® iD3® combined with the trademarked MicroDot® Technology, provides more grip and safer knife control. The knife has been ice-hardened and twice The handle is weight-balanced and features the Trademarked MicroDot® Technology. Blade angle 15-20°.

The knife can be used for pounding, mincing, dicing, and slicing a variety of other foods.

GUARANTEE. On the website it is not clear if the knife comes with a guarantee just the option to return the knife within 30 days after you have purchased it. For Returns the knife has to be in its original packaging and unopened.

4. Global G-Series Vegetable Chopper

Starting from R1399

✅ Light Weight contruction
✅ Forged steel with one-piece seamless handle
✅ Hygienic design

❌ Price
❌ Limited warranty
❌ Price does not include a protective sheath

In short, the Global G-Series Vegetable Chopper stands out for its exceptional material quality, balance, and hygienic design, making it a preferred choice for those prioritizing precision and cleanliness in vegetable preparation. However, its higher price point, care requirements, and specialized focus may limit its appeal to certain home cooks.

BUILD AND QUALITY. Global’s signature Cromova 18 stainless steel, is a material specially developed to retain a razor-sharp edge while offering exceptional strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. The blade’s edge is meticulously ground to a point, ensuring unparalleled precision in every cut.

The knife boasts a seamless construction, not only for a sleek, modern appearance but also to eliminate food and dirt traps, enhancing hygiene. The hollow handle is filled with just the right amount of sand to achieve the perfect balance, making the knife feel lighter and easier to handle, thereby reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Global’s attention to detail extends to the blade’s acute angle, allowing for sharper, more precise cuts. The durability and cutting performance of this vegetable chopper make it not only a tool but a piece of art in the culinary world.

GUARANTEE. Global knives come with a limited lifetime guarantee and they will repair or replace any Global knife found to have defects in workmanship or materials after a thorough inspection. This guarantee assumes proper treatment, care (as outlined in the care instructions), and intended use of the knives and doesn’t include dropping the knife on a hard surface or normal wear and tear that comes with time and use.

5. Tramontina Churrasco Black Cleaver with Blackened Stainless Steel Blade and 7″ Wooden Handle

Starting fron R579

✅ Affordable
✅ Durable Blackened Stainless Steel Blade

❌ Heavy
❌ Varstly available
❌ Refund and returns policy

The Tramontina Churrasco Black Cleaver can almost be found at any store or supermarket or on Google search. Telling me that this knife can literally be found almost anywhere and most likely mass-produced.

BUILD AND QUALITY. The Tramontina Churrasco Black Cleaver is a prime example of the seamless fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing. Its robust blackened stainless steel blade, treated to enhance durability and corrosion resistance, speaks volumes of its enduring nature and aesthetic appeal. The steel’s high caliber ensures sustained sharpness and resilience under extensive use, marking it as ideal for rigorous chopping tasks.

Incorporating a full tang design, the cleaver offers unmatched stability and balance, critical for precision and safety in cutting. The ergonomic 7″ wooden handle not only elevates its elegance but also provides a comfortable, fatigue-minimizing grip, thus enhancing control during use. This meticulous assembly and the selection of premium materials underscore Tramontina’s commitment to superior cutting performance and durability.

However, the knife’s substantial build comes with the downside of being heavy. Weighing significantly more than standard kitchen knives may lead to increased hand and arm fatigue, especially in prolonged use sessions or for those with smaller hands.

GUARANTEE. The Product only comes with a 7 – 14 days refund and replacement warranty. If you have purchased the product online you are also not able to return it to your nearest store. You have to log a return online and hope they get back to you soon!